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The Death With Dignity Act - 1763 Words

Death with Dignity Act Yellowing of the skin, hollowed in eyes, hair loss, and habitual wheezing or shortness of breath is only an insubstantial glimpse of the rancid face of leukemia. It is estimated that around 1 million people in the United States are living with a terminal illness (Pan 2). Some people may feel hopeless, like their life is now meaningless due to their circumstance, and the hand they have been dealt. When something of this magnitude occurs in ones life, doctor assisted suicide should never be an option, or even a thought on their mind. Human euthanasia is ethically, and morally wrong. It violates the principles of medical ethics that doctors take, it costs less to keep a person alive, rather than die, and if this medication falls into the wrong hands, a murder could come about from it. In the 19th century, there was an uprising in anesthesia use (Emanuel 1). In 1846, Dr. John Warren, Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, author of Etherization; with surgical remarks, led the first operation using ether anesthesia. He noted that ether might be used in â€Å"mitigating the agonies of death† (Robinson 1). Doctors as well as physicians became more competent in the use of morphine injections for pain relief during the times of the Civil War, and this practice shortly became known on a wide scale (SC 1). Joseph Bullar, in the British Medical Journal described his use of chloroform to alleviate the pain that may accompany death on four different individualsShow MoreRelatedThe Death With Dignity Act1281 Words   |  6 PagesThe Death with Dignity Act was first put into use in Oregon in 1997, and was used to insure terminally ill patients had the right to decide how much suffering they endure; not the government. Since then there have been similar acts passe d in California, Vermont, and Washington. Death with Dignity laws allow terminally-ill patients, who are mentally competent, choose to take medication that quickens their death. Euthanasia, or physician assisted suicide, is a very uncomfortable and very controversialRead MoreThe Death With Dignity Act913 Words   |  4 PagesAs in all complicated matters such as this, the law is very contradictory in this field. Social workers who are well informed about life and death issues in the light of cultural and religious beliefs and practices, advanced directives, and the legislation related to them, will be more competent in assisting clients to express their desires and to make choices that encompass their life choices. Such knowledge enhances social work intervention by empowering the elderly to use their autonomous rightsRead MoreThe Death With Dignity Act2073 Words   |  9 PagesThe Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill patients to seek to end their lives by requesting letha l doses of medication. The patients are required to be a resident of the three states, which have made thing legal. Do patients favor having the right to live or die when suffering from incurable cancer or painful illness? Is Death with Dignity considered suicide? There are many opinions on the act; some people consider Death with Dignity to be murder or suicide while some consider it the end ofRead MoreThe Death With Dignity Act1827 Words   |  8 Pageslethal doses, prescribing, and supplying the drugs. Originating from Oregon s Death with Dignity Act, the Death with Dignity National Center serves to promote options for terminally ill individuals. In the United States, only four states: California, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have a Death with Dignity law. According to the New York Times, most of those who requested an assisted suicide feared a loss of autonomy, dignity and decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable†Read MoreThe Death With Dignity Act957 Words   |  4 PagesBackground The Death With Dignity Act (DWDA) was passed in the state of Oregon on November 8, 1994, and allowed competent, terminally ill patients 18 years old or older and were also state residents to acquire a prescription of barbiturates from a doctor to end their own life when their anguish became intolerable.6 208 individuals died under the DWDA. 36% of patients who received the lethal prescription never took them.2 This insinuates that patients dealing with immense suffering from a terminalRead MoreThe Oregon Death With Dignity Act900 Words   |  4 PagesOregon Death with Dignity Act was put into effect on October 27, 1997. This act allowed physicians to prescribe to terminally ill patients a lethal dose of medication in order to hasten their death, even though euthanasia is prohibited in the United States. According to Katrina Hedberg, this act has been revised by Oregon legislature, but has still been brought to attention of the United States Supreme Court on raised questions of legal ity. In order to receive a prescription for the Death with DignityRead MoreEssay On Death With Dignity Act1398 Words   |  6 Pagesto legalize a death with dignity act. The very first act that they made was on November 8th, 1994, but as all other cases do, it contained specific requirements from The State of Oregon for patients who wished to participate. They state only permitted patients who had a terminal illness. Specifically an illness that results with their death in a matter of a few months left of being alive. Other individuals who simply wanted to end their life are not permitted to proceed in this act. Without a reasonableRead MoreEuthanasi The Death With Dignity Act1312 Words   |  6 PagesOregon which upholds the Death with Dignity Act â€Å"passed by a margin of 51% to 49% as stated by the Oregon Health Authority. Thus, even though Niles suggested that Oregon supports euthanasia, the Death with Dignity Act seemingly remains controversial because almost half of the p opulation in Oregon is against Euthanasia, and there are stakeholders who still challenge its implementation. In the context of this paper, euthanasia refers to an instance in which â€Å"the physician would act directly, for instanceRead MoreEuthanasi Death And Dignity Act1674 Words   |  7 Pages REFLECTON ESSAY The group decided to do a case study on Death and Dignity Act. Through our presentation, the group discussed if Euthanasia was morally and ethically right through the eyes of Thresa Christensen. Thresa Christensen was a character from the case study in which her father decided act upon voluntary active euthanasia. As group, we thought it would be best if is Theresa Christensen spoke on from the behalf of herself as a person who supports voluntary active euthanasia. The case studyRead MoreDeath With Dignity Act Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesOregon’s Death With Dignity Act has been in place for over twenty years. This legislation is a great basis for Michigan’s physician-assisted suicide legislation. There are a few points in their legislation that should be changed to further benefit Michigan. The following is written based on Oregon’s law (Death With Dignity, 1997). Section 1. Who may make a request for medication. (1) This option shall only be available to persons over eighteen years of age that are residents of Michigan. (2) As

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“The English” Text Analysis Free Essays

THE ENGLISH Text Analysis In process of analyzing the text ‘The English’ I found that there are six paragraphs and in each paragraph there are approximately four sentences. Vocabulary of this text is simple without difficult words like scientific terminology etc. , in addition it is also descriptive, so author describes how immigrants from overseas have settled in different parts of England and had formed their communities. We will write a custom essay sample on â€Å"The English† Text Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Simple and descriptive vocabulary makes text more understandable to people. Author use in the text specialized vocabulary, lexical words in the text refer to geographical discipline (immigrants, north, east, west and south, London region etc. â€Å"The Greater London region is roughly a cicle, extending twenty to thirty miles from central London in the north and east, and thirty to forty miles in the west and south. †). Also in the text I found some compound words such as overseas and commonwealth. Text ‘The English’ consists of verbs, nouns and adverbs. Firstly I would like to consider the usage of nouns in this text. I think that author mostly used abstract nouns – language, accent, pride, dialects, behavior, life (An abstract noun means something that we cannot taste, touch, smell or see, for example â€Å"As the English are such a mixed people, local customs and accents in England vary a great deal and local pride is still strong in some parts of the country. )- all of them we can refer to moral qualities. I detected there few collective nouns- communities, cosmopolitan city, school, which means that author keep in mind group of people, a special class composed of members (â€Å"They still speak their own languages or dialects, but their children grow up speaking English exactly like the children with from they go to school. †) . Also there are proper names in the text, for example Ian Macdonald, Leonard, Herbert Perkins. Adjectives in the text are not frequent and mostly they refer to visual and evaluative attributes (â€Å"The Williams, The Macdonalds, The Townsends and Herbert Perkins have all made their homes in London which is now a great cosmopolitan city. † ; â€Å"Yet one of the strongest and more usual accents is to be found in the East End of London, the home of the cockneys. †) Author used restrictive adjective clause (â€Å"A cockney is very different from most people’s idea of a typical Englishman. ), so the adjective restricts the information and as we can see the restrictive element is not set off with commas. Also adjectives in this text are mostly gradable, for example â€Å"strong† and â€Å"different†, we can grade these adjectives like rather different, very different or extremely different, author used one of them in the sentence â€Å"A cockney is very different from most people’s idea of a typical Englishman. † . The author uses that kind of adjectives to show us big difference between cockney and typical Englishman, to transmit the idea of paragraph or of whole text. Author use adjectives mostly before noun (â€Å"As the English are such a mixed people, local customs and accents in England vary a great deal and local pride is still strong in some parts of the country. †) Verbs in this text, such as moved, has been added, made, settled, formed, speak and grow up, carry an important part of meaning. Without these verbs the person who read the text would be confused because of misunderstanding. Verbs in the text make a bit clear the main idea, verbs are dynamic (referring to actions, events), for example â€Å"Many immigrants from overseas have settled there and have formed their own communities. They still speak their own languages or dialects, but their children grow up speaking English exactly like the children with whom they go to school. † We can clearly see that verbs from the example refer to speech acts and movements. The adverbs are not frequent, I have found only eleven adverbs the text: since, still, only, always, exactly, less, roughly, far, rarely, really, more. (â€Å"The Greater London Region is roughly a circle, extending twenty to thirty miles from central London in the north and east, and thirty to forty miles in the west and south. ; â€Å"Some people travel to work in London from as far as eighty miles away. †) Adverbs ‘always’ and ‘rarely’ are the adverbs of frequency (â€Å"This is why Hampshire accents are now so rarely heard. †) ; ‘since’ the adverb of purpose, ‘really’ is the adverb of degree and ‘still’ the adverb of time (â€Å"They still speak their languages or dialects, but their children grow up speaking English†¦Ã¢â‚¬ )I have noted an interesting thing that the author did not use conjuncts such as ‘so’, ‘however’ and disjuncts like ‘obviously’, ‘frankly’. Maybe that’s why transition from one paragraph to other is so sharp and paragraphs are bad connected among themselves. Sentences on the whole have a simple structure (â€Å"Some people travel to work in London from as far as eighty miles away. †), but there are also complex sentences (â€Å"Not only have Welsh, Scottish, and Irish people made their homes in England, but also Jews, Russians, Germans – people from almost every country Europe – as well as many West Indians, Indians and others from the commonwealth. †). Author mostly uses declarative sentences with no commands and exclamations. Author did not use rhetorical questions and even usual questions, only statements, that’s why the main idea is weakly perceptible. The average sentence length is approximately 25 words. The sentences are mixed, that mean that there are different tenses in the text, for example present perfect continuous (â€Å"Since 1066 the blood of many other races has been added to the original English mixture. †), present simple (â€Å"Many people now live in south and south-east England and commute to their places of work in London. ), present perfect (â€Å"The Williams, The Macdonalds, The Townsends, and Herbert Perkins have all made their homes in London which is now a great cosmopolitan city. ) . What is more, I found an example of detached construction in the sentence (â€Å"Not only have Welsh, Scottish, and Irish people made their homes in England, but also Jews, Russians, Germans – people from almost every country in Europe – as well many West Indians, Indi ans, and others from the commonwealth. †) There are no modal verbs in the text. The author gives us objective information with positive qualities that mean that author provides information in this way to make a good impression on readers, like in this sentence (â€Å"London is the largest city in Europe after Paris, but it’s population has shrunk from 8 million in 1939 to less than 7 million in 1988. †), the main idea of the sentence is that population of London has shrunk, but author â€Å"leave† this information on the background and to make better inspiration about London as main information he wrote that London is the largest city in Europe after Paris, not that London in the second largest city in Europe after Paris. As I have already sad that the text has formal vocabulary and lexical words in the text refer to geographical discipline, but we cannot refer it to scientific texts because scientific text needs terminology, but there we cannot see terminology at all, so this is publicistic text which may appear in the newspapers and magazines. There is no addressing to the reader, no personal pronouns like ‘me’, ‘you’ etc. , no directives, no rhetorical questions, however there is impersonalization. All in all I think that the main idea of the text is that nowadays it is difficult to find a typical, pureblooded Englishman because the centuries ago the blood of other races has been added to the original English mixture. But in this text is very difficult to ‘catch’ the main idea because each paragraph has they own idea and paragraphs are bad connected among themselves, also because there are lack of rhetorical questions, lack of adverbs and adjectives and interactivity, all these would make the text vivid and more understandable. To prove this I took the last sentence from the 5th paragraph (â€Å"Some people travel to work in London from as far as eighty miles away. †) and the first sentence from the 6th (â€Å"This is why Hampshire accents are now so rarely heard†) as we can see there is no straight connection between the 5ht and the 6th paragraph. The main idea is developed trough the names of nationalities, trough the verbs ‘settled’, à ¢â‚¬Ëœmade’, ‘formed’ etc. trough the dates and statistician. I also noted that the topic ‘The English’ partly does not conforms to the text. The topic does not reflect the meaning of the text. The reader may think that text is about the pure Englishmen, about their habits and lifestyle but not about the immigrants who become to inhabit The British Isles few centuries ago and how their inhabitation affects nowadays situation. How to cite â€Å"The English† Text Analysis, Essay examples

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Top Information Security Threats

Question: Discuss about the Top Information Security Threats. Answer: Introduction As per the given scenario, the ISIA i.e. IT Security and Information Assurance department of Emirates performs various key responsibilities such as designing, planning and creating of secured infrastructure. This department ISIA is led by Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and other eight security managers those manage business continuity, information privacy and security and management of malware and botnets and other essential factors. I am working as one of the security managers in ISIA department. As we know that Emirates has become largest airline in the Middle East and to provide best airline services to its passengers worldwide. The security of information of all passengers and employees of Emirates is also an essential job to perform by security managers of ISIA department. The main concerning point here is that, with the advancement in technologies, threats of information security are also increasing. So senior management is concerned about preparedness of Emirates to handle these threats. The CISO of ISIA department has strong believe that evaluation of security risks and proactive steps that will be helpful to control these security risks, is required. Therefore, CISO asks me to review global incidents for last two years and discuss major five security threats and ways to overcome these threats. On the behalf of this information, Emirates can know about experience of security breaches of other organizations and major security threats or risks. This information can be used as a good source of knowledge to plan ahead regarding information security maintenance (GTN SCS, 2017). Main Body In last two years various security breaches have encountered by business organizations that were using information technologies for storing huge amount of business information such as records of business customers with their personal and credit card information, employees information with their salaries and other essential information, etc. This information is responsibility of an organization to maintain securely into its databases. But, number of cases of information security breach, hacking and phishing attacks are commonly encountered. In incidents of information security breaches, cases of Kaspersky, Anthem, and Ashley Madison and OPM organizations are so popular (, 2017). As a security manager, I have reviewed these cases thoroughly and found out top five threats that are encountered by these organizations. These organizations have faced vulnerable information security breaches regarding hacking of personal and credit card information of their potential customers, emp loyees information, orders placed by customers, their inventory and other important business information. As we have discussed above that Emirates is also concerned about these issues of information security, so evaluation about main threats of these cases will be a good source of knowledge for further planning. Five Major Information Security Threats Hacking and Phishing Attacks Malware Attacks SQL Injection Attack Lack of Encryption Outdated Security Software Hacking and Phishing Attacks The threat of hacking and phishing attack has found so common among above mentioned incidents of different business organizations. In above incidents, most common is of hacking and phishing of login credentials such as username, passwords, credit card information and personal information of customers and business information of employees. So it can also be a big threat for Emirates that information from its databases can also be hacked or stolen by hackers (Kuranda, 2017). Malware Attacks Malware attack is also a big problem for information security in business organizations. For stealing information from database or system, malware backdoor attack is conducting by hackers. Emails are sent to users with vulnerable attachments of malware. When attachments are opened by users then programming script works and malware spread into system to access information (Caldwell, 2012). In case of OPM organization that we have mentioned above, by using contractors login credentials malware backdoor attack was conducted in the network to access confidential information of company. OPM was unable to detect reason for 343 days. From this, we can notice vulnerability of malware attack (, 2017). SQL Injection Attack SQL injection attack is mostly implemented on SQL databases by attackers to steal information. It is a code injection technique which is used to attack data driven applications. In this attack, wicked SQL statements are inserted into an entry field for execution. Through SQL injection attack, attackers inject a code into companys database to access personal and credit card information of customers. It is actually a programming script that can pick customers records from databases. If database is not kept secure by security departments of business organizations then this type of attack can be easily conducted by hackers. Therefore, in case of Emirates organizations, it is responsibility of ISIA department to be careful about these types of SQL attacks (Data breach activity is getting worse, 2007). Lack of Encryption Lack of encryption in data storage or transferring data over network is a vulnerable threat for users. Encryption is an effective way to encrypt data into unreadable form that is harder to guess or understand by hackers. If developers and security experts will not be careful about encryption of databases information then chances of hacking will be increased. In case of above companies, lack of encryption was also a major threat for information security threat. The airlines industry consists of sensitive data into its databases. Therefore, encryption of this sensitive data is required. Outdated Security Software Outdated security software considers an information security threat because outdated software are not able to maintain security of information for long time that is stored into it. Any malicious code can be infected this software easily and it is difficult to detect that problem in outdated software solutions. Emirates Airlines must be careful about regular updates of software solutions. Otherwise, above problems can be faced by this company. These are major threats of information security and privacy that I have reviewed in security incidents that are happened in last two years. Now in next segment of this report, we will emphasize on ways that can be used to overcome these threats. Ways to Overcome Threats Following are some essential ways to overcome threats: Advanced Anti-Virus Solutions Encryption Authorized Access of Database Firewall Advanced Anti-Virus Solutions The use of advanced anti-virus into system is important to get prevention from virus attacks. In a business organization like Emirates, all systems should be equipped with anti-virus. Anti-virus scans whole system and database resides into system to identify virus and after deducting virus, it is also removed by anti-virus (Greene, 2017). Encryption Encryption is a type of cryptography that is used to encrypt data into unreadable form. To prevent information from hackers, most of the companies send information in encrypted form over network, so that hackers cannot understand this information or can guess. The information security officers of ISIA department must use this technique for maintain information security (World Economic Forum, 2017). Authorized Access of Database In an organization, the access of confidential information should not be provided to every employee. The administrator of database should have access of server and all computers in organization and he should also decide that to whom permission of database access should be provided. The login credentials of every user should also set by administrator. If authorized access policy will not be implemented into database then every employee will try to access important information and may some employees try to leak information to hackers (Ravelin, 2017). Firewall Firewall is a software that is in-built into operating system. It is used to prevent system from unwanted entities. If firewall is in on mode and finds an unknown entity, then it will give alert message to user to aware about it. After getting this information, user try to block that entity by using blocking software (Densham, 2015). It is an effective to keep away bugs and vulnerable things from system. Therefore by using above ways the CISO of ISIA department can maintain security Emirates Airlines information. The information of airlines companies is very sensitive and need to be kept secured and confidential. Above discussed solutions will provide appropriate results if these will be implemented properly by security experts, developers and employees in an organization. Conclusion After this whole discussion we can say that in this report major security threats are discussed that can be faced by Emirates airlines, if proper security will not be maintained for information. Now, the security threats encountered by other business organizations are in notice of Emirates Airlines and on the behalf of this information, organization can make strategic plans to enhance level of security. It is matter of reliance of customers on an organization regarding security of their information. Therefore, business organizations must do all potential efforts to keep this trust. References GTN SCS. (2017). Top 10 Threats to Information Security. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. (2017). Forbes Welcome. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. Kuranda, S. (2017). The 10 Biggest Data Breaches Of 2015 (So Far). [online] CRN. Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. Greene, T. (2017). Biggest data breaches of 2015. [online] Network World. Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. (2017). Latest breaking news articles on data security breach. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. World Economic Forum. (2017). Four threats to aviation security and four responses. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. Ravelin. (2017). Fighting fraud in the airline industry. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. Caldwell, T. (2012). Reporting data breaches. Computer Fraud Security, 2012(7), pp.5-10. Data breach activity is getting worse. (2007). Network Security, 2007(4), p.16. Densham, B. (2015). Three cyber-security strategies to mitigate the impact of a data breach. Network Security, 2015(1), pp.5-8.

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River Pollution in Kerala Essay Example

River Pollution in Kerala Paper All 44 rivers in Kraal are highly polluted due to inflow of untreated domestic, industrial wastes and agriculture runoff. Most of the industries are near the thickly populated riversides, often near cities and towns. There is no efficient water treatment system in industries and city municipalities. Pollution level in some of the sites is far above permissible limits. Close proximity of increasing numbers of leach pit latrines under varying soil conditions, late rite (midland) and sandy soils (coastal area); Non point resources of pollution in the catchments area including possible agricultural and surface run off, especially during the rainy season; Washing, bathing and other domestic activities around the open dug well sources, especially among the low income communities; Inadequate and irregular disinfection of drinking water supplies, including chlorination under AKA schemes; Inadequate testing and irregular monitoring of drinking water quality. Nobody seems to know, that only 15 Km away from Cochin, the Queen of the Arabian Sea , there is Lore Island, home to Kraals largest industrial cluster. Lore, an island of 1 1. 21 sq/km, on the Peppier River is home to more than 247 chemical industries, including the only EDT-producing facility in India. Most of these units have been here for the last fifty years and use extremely obsolete and polluting technologies. We will write a custom essay sample on River Pollution in Kerala specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on River Pollution in Kerala specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on River Pollution in Kerala specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Toxic pollution from heavy metals to chemicals and radioactivity is found in air, soil and in the Peppier River, which spreads he contamination to the Bemoaned Lake, Cochin and to the Arabian Sea. This leads to a large-scale devastation of aquatic life in the backwaters, the agricultural land and it is also affecting the health of the population in the area. The soil, water bodies and the wetlands in and around Lore have been contaminated with heavy metals like zinc, lead, cadmium, chromium and persistent organic pollutants like EDT. Gas emissions let into the air include acid mists, ammonia and chlorine. The Panama ram, a tributary of the Cabana River and the Mahayanist River were found to be the most polluted rivers in the State with the presence of chemical and biological pollutants. Refuse from slaughterhouses and hospitals were also reaching into Panama ram. Insecticides, chemical fertilizers and other pollutants were also finding their way into the rivers. Fish death and fall in the fish population were also reported from here, the study said.

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Telephone TV Cable Television essays

Telephone TV Cable Television essays In today's world the bounds of information technology are being pushed further and further every day. With Local Area Networks spanning into WorldWide Area Networks and globalization happening to every small business with a connection to the Internet the need for alternatives is growing. Technology and hardware are increasing faster than people with the skills to support them are. With this the ways to connect and expand into the Internet are improving as well as the speed of connections. There are many ways to gain access onto today's Internet and discussed here are going to be three common ways such as the modem, the cable modem and Microsoft's WebTV. These three describe represent the novice, the intermediate, and the advanced. One of the most common ways to connect to the Internet is the modem or the dial-up adapter. It is the most prevalent of the three and was one of the first pieces of hardware used to connect to the Internet. The modem is very similar to a telephone in which the computer when instructed will dial up a telephone number given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and establish a connection between you and your provider allowing you access to the Internet. The modem has made some advances from it's initial stages and had managed to increase it's downloading speeds, commonly used when browsing and it's uploading speeds used more often when sending Email. Currently the modem is reaching it's pinnacle as speeds are reached at around 56 Kilobytes per second which is for download only and the uploads are at a more modest 28.8K or 33.6K. Unfortunately top speeds in the United States will be initially limited to 53K because of FCC regulations. The FCC does not actually limit modem speeds rather it limits the amount of power that can be sent through the phone line. In order to prevent interference with other electrical devices the FCC places limitations not on the modem but on the server equipmen...

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Basic Macro and Microeconomic Policies Assignment

Basic Macro and Microeconomic Policies - Assignment Example Cost extravagances in the airline industry had brought financial costs up decreasing profits but did not automatically mean an increase in sales. Accounting problems and financial data were overlooked or neglected during the dot-com bust. First, too much money was spent on advertising which focused on selling and not marketing. Second, too much advertising money could have been saved if ads were focused on market segments. Cost extravagances in the airline industry had brought financial costs up decreasing profits but did not automatically mean an increase in sales. First, too much money was spent on advertising which focused on selling and not marketing in both online and offline advertising(Churchill,1995). The prior selling attitude of companies as the strove to increase net profits had been to prioritize the seller’s aim to generate profits. The sad thing about this is that the customers’ needs and wants were put to second place or just simply not taken up. Thus, mo ney was spent paying computer programmers large sums of money to make websites that would catch the eyes of prospective computer users. To prove that this type of strategy to increase sales was effective, the companies targeted all computers users whether they were inside the United States or in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. Unfortunately, there is no logic that increased advertising on the internet will automatically translate to increased sales.